Deed Restrictions

Many don’t know our neighborhood has deed restrictions, and this committee reports any updates and answers questions about those restrictions. Click here for more information.

Lead: Andy Tallin –;

Citizen Patrol

Volunteers’ patrol and report crime through this Houston Police Department sponsored program. Click here for more information.

Coordinator: David Hoyer –

Block Captains

Block Captains send outemails notifying block residents of upcoming events and other information. To get added to the email list click here to find yourblock captain.

Coordinator: Ann Terrell –


Newsletters are mailed out monthly with information on current and upcoming events and activities. Click here for the archive.

Editor: Michael Forlenza –

Web Site

Current and historicalinformation onVermont Commons Civic Association. Contact Carol with any questions or suggestions. Lead: Nina Westerfeld–


Leads on Nextdoor contribute information about the neighborhood with residents and monitor posts to help ensure civility and neighborly discussionsin all posts. Click here for more information.

Coordinator: Lis Harper & Karen Kane –

Coffee Break

Neighborsmeet for a coffee break the 2nd Wednesday each month at the host’s home. Times and locations are posted in the current newsletter.

Coordinator: Open (contact Jeanette Hix to volunteer to coordinate or host)

Yard of the Month

A handful of committee members keep an eye out for outstanding yards and accept nominations from other residents as well. Winning yards are photographed for the newsletter.

Lillian Skogsberg –


TheMontrose Management Districtwill remove most graffiti in our neighborhood.Click here for removal instructions.

Coordinator: Anne Ince –

Book Club

Members meet for lively discussions of books chosen by members the 3rd Wednesday each month atTe – House of Tea, 1927 Fairview. Contact Carole forinformation on how to join.

Lead: Carole Dodson –

Trap Neuter Release

Volunteers help manage free roaming cats in the neighborhood and provide support to others. Check the VCCA newsletter for regular updates.

Lead: Carolyn Levy –

Near Town

Near Town is organized by the City of Houston for homeowner organizations to meet and share information and learn what is available to their area. VCCA Rep: Carole Dodson –

Block Captains

Become a Block Captain

Do you want to help build a sense of togetherness on your block? Do you have time to forward a few emails? Then we need you to join us and become a block captain. The work is minimal and your efforts will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors. Openings are posted below.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Ann Terrell at

Huldy: Haddon to Vermont

Ken, Landa Hauser –

Huldy: Vermont to Welch

Karen Kane –

Huldy: Welch to Indiana

Ann Ince –

Huldy Indiana to Westheimer

Carole Dodson–

Brun: Haddon to Vermont

Jim Hassing –

Brun: Vermont to Welch

Jim Hassing –

Brun: Welch to Indiana

Jackie Friedman –

Brun: Indiana to Fairview

Cathryn Gabor –

Brun: Fairview to Westheimer

Robert Hellenbeck –

McDuffie: Peden toVermont

Jacqueline Knight –

McDuffie: Vermont to Welch


McDuffie: Welch to Indiana

Adriana Breidenstein –

McDuffie: Indiana to Fairview

Bob Costantini –

McDuffie: Fairview to Westheimer

Katie & Stephen Baehl –

Hazard: Peden to Haddon

Nina Westerfeld –

Hazard: Haddon to Vermont


Hazard: Vermont to Welch

Desiree Lebar –

Hazard: Welch to Indiana

Nancy Parker –

Hazard: Indiana to Fairview


Hazard: Fairview to Westheimer

Brett Haltiwanger & Eric Glover –

Driscoll: Peden to Haddon

Karen Sturtevant –

Driscoll: Haddon to Vermont

Marlene Garnant –

Driscoll: Vermont to Welch

Anthony Simpson –

Driscoll: Welch to Indiana

Rita Michael –

Driscoll: Indiana to Fairview

Ray Ehmer –

Driscoll: Fairview to Westheimer

Darlene Fore –

Haddon: Huldy to Brun

Linda Hart –

Haddon: Brun to Hazard


Haddon: Hazard to Driscoll

Marlene Garnant –

Vermont: Huldy to Hazard

Brenda Rojas –

Vermont: Hazard to Driscoll

Collette Dubose –

Welch: Huldy to Brun

Ann Ince –

Welch: McDuffie to Driscoll


Indiana: Huldy to Driscoll

Kit Muire –

Fairview: Huldy to Driscoll

Lisa Stephens –