Nextdoor is a free, private social networking site available to community residents. Simply go to Nextdoor to sign up, and invite your neighbors to do the same.

VCCA Residents have used the site to:

  • find plumbers, electricians, yard people, pet sitters,
  • to pass on information about suspected criminals,
  • created a trick or treating street for the little ones in the neighborhood
  • and much more!

Exchange ideas, connect with your neighbors, foster a sense of community and meet your neighbors– Nextdoor makes it easy. and Block Captains

The Block Captain Chairperson’s responsibility is to notify Block Captains when there are crimes or other important information to report. Since residents are encouraged to use Nextdoor, we will not be duplicating the information about crimes by forwarding them to the Block Captains who forward to the Block residents.

Our goal is to minimize the amount of e-mails you receive from us. We want you to know that when we notify you of something, it is important!

If you have 
not joined
 we highly recommend that you do as it helps keep everyone up to date on happenings in the neighborhood

Sign up for Nextdoor

Visit the Vermont Commons NextDoor page

Review the Guidelines on how to use NextDoor

Review the FAQs on NextDoor Guidelines